Nice to meet you, I’m Tycho Litjens.

New products, pivotal functionalities, rapid prototypes. Did someone say my name? ☺️

I’m known as the ‘All Things New’-guy, combining the high quality design that consumers & developers demand with a turn-around that will shock competitors.

To put it simply: Founders, product owners, makers, creative people and way more call me to design the right thing for the right people, whilst respecting real-life (business and technological) constraints.

I work with

  • Start-ups
  • Bright individuals, like you!
  • Innovation agencies
  • Future thinking corporates
  • Honest VC firms

I tend to mix-in a unique blend of imagination + pragmatism that usually leads to novel, actionable & measurable solutions.

It's a fun cocktail. Trust me! 🪩

And I have a zero-tolerance policy for nonsense, buzzwords, endless PowerPoints, or tedious PDF reports.

You might know me from launching an AI app that helps people ready difficult letters, skyrocketing BIYU’s conversion from 0.5% to 4.5% without using dark patterns, spearheading a café in Utrecht or prototyping a physical device that saves you from distraction.

Running a start-up?

I work side-by-side with your product people to devise, prototype, and verify new functionalities and features. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to achieving product-market fit.

Corporate heavyweight?

I'll pull you out from the quagmire of backlogs and internal politics (without disrespecting them, of course) to craft bright, serious, and pragmatic future scenarios.

My usual clients are bold founders, brilliant products leads, or ‘the get-shit-done-people-in-the-c-suite’.

I don’t compete with your own designers, founders or innovation experts. I combine my expertise of all these three fields.

I’m the most skilled in digital products. But weirdly my background also worked for a watch, a café and a physical device.


Tycho Litjens

Whatsapp: Click here

Call me: +31 6 252 353 15

Send me an e-mail: hoi@tycholitjens.nl

Chamber of Commerce: 61400831

Pricing and timing

Strategic design projects start at €7500 and usually last 2 to 8 weeks. I lean back on a flexible collective of strategists, designers and developers, ready to take the any product to the next level.

I am based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Able to work worldwide, for best results I tend to mix working remote and in-house.

Trusted by product managers at ABN AMRO, Spotify, Picnic and WeTicket.


Hidden gems to visit:

Some pretty fun gems:

List of products I like:

  • Yeah I'll add something soon for now it's this Fjallraven Backpack (not the Kanken!) which has survived me for 10 years.

Thanks for reading,